User rules

Access to the computers
Login details required to gain access to the lab computers can be obtained from the lab admin.
In case you need access please contact the lab admin and state your research group.

Data storage
When leaving the lab, no data should be stored solely on the lab computers. The operating system can be reinstalled at any time and without advance notification, whereby all data on the computers will be deleted!
In case data has to be stored on the lab computers for a longer time period (especially over the weekend), please contact the lab admin.

After the experiment
Please remove all user data from the lab computers.
Changes in the rooms (e.g. relocation of tables, placement of signs, stickers on the keyboard etc.) have to be reversed.
Equipment that was taken from the cupboard in A5, 6, Room C115 (e.g. microphones, webcams) has to be returned there.

Internet access
All computers have internet access. It may only be used for research purposes (e.g. Unipark surveys).
The internet access must be used in accordance with the user rules of the DFN and the computer center (Rechenzentrum) of the University of Mannheim.

Storage of items
Items may be stored overnight in the drawer unit (Rollcontainer) in EO 184 and in the cupboard in A5, 6, Room C115. Both can be locked and you may take the key with you - but only overnight. You may not take the key with you over weekends.

The printer in A5, 6, Room C115 may only be used to print small quantities (e.g. signs, consent lists).
The printer may not be used to print large quantities (e.g. questionnaires).

Malware & computer viruses
In case that lab computers are infected with a virus, studies may be interrupted until the malware has been removed.

USB sticks
USB sticks may be used to distribute data in the lab - provided that they are used with caution.
Before a stick is used in the lab, it has to be checked using up-to-date antivirus software.

Additional hardware
Standard hardware (e.g. keyboards) may be connected without consultation as long as all changes are reversed after the experiment.
Hardware that requires the installation of additional drivers may only be installed in consultation with the lab admin.

Additional software
Installation of additional software is only possible after consulting the lab admin. In case you need additional software for your experiment, please consult the lab admin in advance.
Exceptions are programs that do no need to be installed, e.g. visual basic programs. However, these programs will be removed in case the operating system is reinstalled.

To gain internet access, laptops may not be connected to the LAN in the lab. Instead, a Wi-Fi access point has been installed that provides internet access via Doniluma/Adonis.

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